What about all those fascinating statistics?

The club’s stats are compiled from data entered into Grahame Giddings’ Cricket Statistics for Windows package that now contains all known records of the club’s matches right back to 1970 (although details for the years 1970-77 and 1981 are incomplete).

This information is shared in various ways, the two most common being listed below.  This data is available to download in PDF format, for which you will need Adobe Reader, which is available by clicking the link right.

The Annual Reports

Stato’s Corner

If anyone can add any details to the club history in the way of scorebooks from the 1970-77 and 1981 seasons; scoresheets from those seasons in other club’s scorebooks; fixture lists right through to the mid-1990s; photographs or newspaper cuttings, please contact the Stato, Trevor Lee.  All relevant information will be very gratefully received.

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Cricket Statistics for Windows

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