Cricket Sites of Interest


The Internet Cricket Site - Live scorecards amongst lots of other stuff.  Two specific areas of CricInfo that may be of special interest are about the First Class Teams, and also the one that we can all benefit from... The Laws of the game.  The site now incorporates Wisden’s.



The Rose Bowl

Hampshire’s superb venue for international and county cricket.  As far as I’m concerned it will remain the Rose Bowl, and definitely not some name that sounds like the Elderly-Donkey Bowl.

The Hampshire Cricket League

The Saturday League in which IBM South Hants play in the summer.

BBC Cricket

There has to be a link to Auntie Beeb, doesn’t there?  Get the latest cricket news as it happens.

South East Hampshire (Fareham) Indoor Cricket League

That’s one long title for the Indoor League that we play in during the winter!

Cricket Statistics for Windows

Grahame Giddings’ superb cricket stats package that the club uses to produce its reports.

Holt & Haskell

First rate cricket shop in Southampton that gives a discount for IBM employees.


Various bits of video showing the exploits of the club over the years.


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