Links to photographs and videos taken by members

Assorted Albums of IBMSHCC matches & events courtesy Trevor Lee

YouTube videos courtesy Dean Lardner (DeanoTRex)

YouTube videos courtesy Steve Hicks (333hxy)

League match vs Bransgore, July 4, 2009 courtesy Asif Raza

YouTube videos courtesy Asif Raza (Woodgreen - July 25, 2009)

Friendly match vs Lavant, September 15, 2012 (and other galleries)

Instagram images - could be anything really

New experimental boundary rope?

Rope...or has something much more sinister happened?

Slim boy news...

BowledWhich slim youth is the subject of the picture below?  Maybe the picture to the right will give you a clue!

Slim boy

Old Place...

The PlantPrior to 1992, IBM South Hants played at this ground at the rear of what was then IBM Havant Plant.  Known for its good facilities and, on occasion, interesting summer-time smells!

Lazy Saturday afternoon (for some!)...

FingerA Craig-in-a-boxmixed bag of grumpy, manic and rather sad looking members of IBM while away a peaceful Saturday afternoon at the old Havant ground.

Another pitch that was unused for many years...

Slash Steve HicksAn assortment of old ruins, and also some nice views inside Portchester Castle.  A much-missed venue to play a match in (even though the balls tended to get a bit mangled by the walls).

Tours over the years...

Hung over RunsSome geezer has definitely overdone it the night before...

...while somebody else is taking it far too seriously...
...and somebody whose crimes were obviously so heinous that he has had to take to disguise!


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