Management Committee Members


Pete Croxson
Tel: 07709 489624

Kitmaster Pete Croxson

Pete has been a club member since 2003 and is a serial committee member having started out as Sunday captain and fixtures secretary, nudging Mr. Lowe out of the way; then removing the not inconsiderable volume (in two senses) of Phil Stride from his lengthy stint as captain of the League side and from 2015 took over the role of Kitmaster.  It was almost inevitable that when John Lowe had to move aside as chairman, that Pete would step in.


Mark Cross


The ever cheerful Mark has been a member at the club since 2002 propping up the middle order of the Sunday side during that time.  He took on the captaincy for a few years and failed to bowl himself enough during that time as the curious phenomenon of time standing still tended to get batsmen out as they sometimes didn’t wake from their nap after he’d released the ball.  Taking over the reins of Treasurer from the missing Ferrari-driving, private-jet-owning predecessor, he believes that he can filter more money to “where it is needed most” to quote him.


Hayley Cooke

Secretary Hayley Cooke

Hayley knows how to fill in a scorebook of many colours, and as of the 2015 season she extended her control further, by taking on the role of club secretary.  A very enthusiastic member of the club she seems to keep a smile on her face despite anything that the weather throws at her whilst outside.  Probably not best to get on her wrong side though!

Sunday friendly captain

Eswar Vutukuri
Tel: 07722 129788

Sunday Captain Eswar Vutukuri

Eswar has played five seasons for the club, and has shown tremendous enthusiasm and no lack of ability - two attributes that don’t always go together with players for the club.  As the successor to Mark Cross as skipper, he has been trying to learning the captain’s art of gloomy cynicism, but to date he has shown no ability in this particular area - a few more seasons watching middle order collapses could soon change that though.

Fixtures secretary

John Lowe
Tel: 07725 706472


John joined the club in 2001 - well at least it was this century, unlike a large number of others - and 2017 was his seventh season as chairman until a change of job made that position untenable!  A wicket-keeper-batsman (think Jos Buttler, and then imagine someone completely different), he took over the role of Sunday captain from 2003 to 2007, one of the most successful periods of Sunday cricket in the club’s history.  Good humoured until trees fall on his car in the car park or he tries to take a catch behind the stumps with his teeth or he returns from tour with a batting average of 0.33 or he fails ever to deliver a legal ball, or... what’s next?

Indoor League secretary

Sally Priddy

Indoor League Secretary Sally priddy

Sally has been Indoor Secretary for a couple of years now, but her talents go well beyond that.  She is a qualified scorer, has organised one successful tour and put up with banter from numerous club members for many years.


Peter Hicks
Tel: 07803 463286

Club Captain Peter Hicks

Pete is one of the younger members of the squad having been the club’s youth policy for less than 30 years, having been club captain and indoor captain in that time.  Very committed - some say he should be - he did at least get married outside of the normal season to ‘ordinary’ member Kay.

Ordinary member

Rob Tate
Tel: 07723 367971

Ordinary Member Rob Tate

Since joining the club in 1990, Rob has played most matches, scored most runs and taken most outfield catches.  Time he caught up with the record for stumpings then!  Does a huge amount of pitch preparation, has been known to organise tours and just generally helping out with anything including buying the post-match soft drinks.  Also the only (known?) granddad in the squad despite being younger than many.

Ordinary member

Kay Hicks


Ordinary she is not!  Kay has taken this role for the 2017 season and has plenty of  positive ides to help the club.  Common sense may be the weak point though as she married Pete - or should that be the other way round?

Other Contacts

Indoor League captain

Roland Barnard


Roland has been playing for the club for a considerable period of time, albeit many seasons he has only played the odd game or two.  His desire to know his own stats makes others wonder whether or not there is any ulterior motive to him playing.  Those who know better recognise the fact that, as a teacher, he is still learning his numbers and is wisely taking every possible opportunity to practice.  Hope I don’t get detention for making that comment!

Sunday friendly vice-captain

Pete Croxson

Kitmaster Pete Croxson

Look carefully and you may see reference to this person further up the page. Honest.  I know he’s easy to miss, but look carefully and you might spot him.

Umpire (friendly matches)

Stuart Boyd


Stuart has never played for IBM SHCC.  For many years he tempted us with balls that just needed hitting over the boundary at Rogate, but many of us fell to his wily ways.  Having now moved from the tweaking finger to the twitching finger role he can still send you back to the pavilion wondering why you did what you just did and occasionally wondering if you really did do it.  Spent time as the club fixtures secretary and breathed new life into the fixture list which had suffered at the hands of so many teams folding.


Hayley Cooke

Scorer Hayley Cooke

She’s further up the page in case you hadn’t noticed.  And if not, why not?  She will want to know and record the fact on one of her ledgers, so have a care.  And who was the last man?


Sally Priddy

Scorer Sally Priddy

See above; copy and paste is just too difficult.

New Place groundsman

Rob Tate

Groundsman Rob Tate

Another one who wears multiple hats (see above) - and doing a tremendous job after the great foundations laid down by his predecessor, Kev Gledstone.


Trevor Lee

Webmaster and Statistician Trevor Lee

Over 30 years of playing at the club, Trevor played one season for the club in 1980 and is thus the longest serving member still playing regularly.  After a gap working in the Midlands he rejoined on a permanent basis in 1984.  “Bowler” turned “batsman”, now “occupier of space on the field” he captained the Sunday side for 9 seasons but now performs the role of club statistician, historian and webmaster.  As such he hears the phrase “get a life” on a regular basis... and various other phrases that can’t be repeated here.


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